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The foundation of a successful property management business is strengthened by the quality of the properties managed. HouseMax Pro Realty entered the Brevard County property management business with a quality–versus–quantity approach. Instead of focusing on a larger number of properties, we prioritize superior customer service for our homeowner clients.

This approach has allowed HouseMax Pro Realty to grow and prosper. By attracting the very best properties and catering to our homeowner clients, they recommend us to others, and our inventory of Brevard County rental properties continues to grow. The best rental properties attract the best tenants. By serving these tenants well, they also recommend us, and more quality tenants are lined up waiting for our rental homes.


You're currently browsing our main marketing platform, the HouseMax Property Management website. However, we offer a complete range of marketing media for our homeowner clients. Get in touch with us to discover more about our rental property marketing services in Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge.

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Tenant Screening

An essential aspect of minimizing expenses in property ownership is preventing damage and rent non-payment. HouseMax Property Management achieves this by conducting rigorous tenant screening, which includes interviews and a thorough application process, thereby reducing homeowner costs in the rental property markets of Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge. Discover more about our tenant screening process below.

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Property Maintenance

Inadequately managing property repair and maintenance not only raises rental property expenses but can also have a detrimental impact on resale value when the investment is eventually divested. Reach out to us to discover more about our maintenance procedures for rental properties in Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge.

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Tenant Management & Rent Procedures 

At HouseMax Property Management, we emphasize tenant contentment and streamlined rent processes. Our objective is to offer tenants a positive living experience, all the while ensuring our homeowners receive prompt and precise rent payments. Through upholding a standard of excellence and professionalism, our aim is to minimize unit vacancy expenses and foster lease renewals.

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Rental Property Marketing

Despite excelling in tenant screening, property management, and rent collection, our efforts only bear fruit when we secure a tenant for our homeowner properties. The proven marketing plans at HouseMax Pro Realty have stood the test of time, effectively guiding tenants into our screening process. During our discussions about your home and its unique features, we will tailor a custom marketing plan using various media from our extensive marketing package.

HouseMax Pro Realty Website

Your property will be showcased in great detail on the HouseMax Pro Realty website. While we will explore other media for marketing your home, they all connect back to this website. Many viewers from other advertisements will visit our website for more information.

  • Numerous high-quality exterior and interior photos.
  • Professionally crafted text descriptions known to attract tenant interest.
  • Convenient online and offline contact information for prospects to reach out.
  • An online map with directions, catering to prospective tenants who prefer driving by properties and viewing neighborhoods before seeking more details or renting.

While we employ various marketing channels, no other platform allows us to present such detailed, high-resolution information to attract tenant interest.

Internet Syndication

The internet's strength lies in its ability to syndicate material across numerous sites. We have established syndication relationships with various online locations where renters search for their next home. During our marketing plan development, we will illustrate where we will be syndicating your home's information.

Social Media

With over 800 million Facebook users, HouseMax Pro Realty utilizes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to market your home to prospective tenants. Our social media presence is not only about putting your property out there; it serves as a hub where tenant clients engage in conversations and refer us to other renters. We leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to raise awareness of our rental property management business in Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge and to provide exposure for your property.

Print Media

While the web dominates as a major marketing resource for Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge rental properties, HouseMax Property Management still finds print media effective in attracting tenants. During our discussions about your home's marketing plan, we will explore options for newspaper and other print media marketing.

Rental property marketing is a niche with precise requirements for success. HouseMax Property Management understands which media work for each of our rental property markets, and we will discuss them with you in detail when introducing your property to the market.

Tenant Screening

HouseMax Property Management has formulated highly effective marketing plans for rental homes in Brevard County. We consistently maintain a pipeline of prospective tenants, including referrals from existing tenants. However, the efficacy of this effort hinges on ensuring that the right tenant occupies your home. Lax tenant screening and acceptance procedures can lead to costly issues such as non-payment of rent, damages, and premature vacancies.

While HouseMax Property Management is equipped to handle the removal of undesirable tenants, our primary objective is to avoid such situations altogether. Thorough tenant screening and selection processes are integral to keeping our homeowners content and profitable as rental property owners.

Initial Phone Interview 

Prospective tenants may initiate contact via email, a form on your home’s web page, or a phone call. Before an office visit and application processing, we typically conduct a preliminary telephone conversation. Although not exhaustive, this initial discussion is the starting point for the tenant screening process. We ask questions to legally assess if they are potential candidates for a more in-depth screening. Some applicants may be disqualified at this stage based on financial or other suitability reasons.

Rental Property Tenant Application

 We streamline the tenant application process with our online application form for convenience and to retain more applicants. Whether submitted online or in person at our office, our comprehensive application is designed to identify potential issues and filter out problematic tenants.

Credit and Reference Checks

The information gathered from the tenant application is extensive. HouseMax Property Management utilizes it to not only assess the prospective tenant’s credit history but also their rental and payment habits. We contact past landlords and personal references, and record family information for post-move-out contact if necessary.

Final Pre-Lease Interview

Upon completion of the aforementioned screening procedures, a final phone call addresses any lingering questions or ambiguous information before lease execution.

While this thorough process may take some time, the investment of time and staff involvement yields significant returns. Our homeowner clients benefit from some of the lowest vacancy rates, credit losses, and tenant damage rates in the Titusville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge rental property markets.

Property Maintenance

HouseMax Property Management recognizes the genuine property care concerns of rental property homeowners and places great importance on addressing them. Whether the rental home serves as an investment or is being held for a future sale, preserving the property's condition, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring the highest resale condition remain key priorities.

Every three months, we conduct thorough visits to all our rental properties to assess and maintain their acceptable condition. As part of our service, we install a new A/C filter during these visits.

Maintaining rental properties involves detailed and task-oriented efforts that require not only the involvement of HouseMax Property Management's staff but also collaboration with various subcontractors for landscaping, structural, electrical, plumbing, and appliance-related services. We have rigorously vetted our contractors for honesty, efficiency, cost competitiveness, and response time.

We address maintenance problems promptly within the guidelines of our rental management agreement. Depending on the spending limits set by homeowners, we may handle issues and inform them later, or seek prior approval. Our goal is to inconvenience tenants as little as possible while ensuring quick and cost-effective repairs.

We meticulously document property conditions before move-in and at move-out, utilizing a dual-purpose move-in/move-out checklist. This comprehensive approach allows for a fair settlement of any extraordinary damage or damage beyond normal wear-and-tear.

During routine low-intrusion visits for tasks like checking smoke detector batteries and other safety equipment, our staff conducts a quick visual inspection to identify any damage issues early on, minimizing correction costs.

All repairs are thoroughly documented, and we provide invoice copies as well as forward warranties for new equipment or appliances to homeowners. Many homeowners have commended us for maintaining superior records, leading to potential savings on their tax returns due to detailed documentation of expenses. Our commitment to service and attention to detail has resulted in referrals from Brevard County rental property owners who appreciate our dedication to excellence.

Tenant Management and Rent Procedures

Rent Collection and Disbursement

Renting out your property isn't a hobby; it's either an investment or a strategic holding for future sales. Regardless, the primary goal is rent collection, and at HouseMax Pro Realty, achieving goals is non-negotiable. Our responsibility is to efficiently collect rents, manage expenses, and remit the remaining balance to you. Adherence to state laws and local regulations dictates the process and timeline for fund remittance, and you can refer to our link here for relevant legal requirements.

Our Brevard County rental property owners can rely on our commitment to promptly collect rents and remit them within legal guidelines as outlined in our rental management contract. We maintain comprehensive documentation and accounting records to keep our owners well-informed about their financial investment in their rental homes.

Determining the Appropriate Rent

Market rents for similar properties significantly influence the competitive rental environment. Utilize the convenient Area Rent Comparison Search in the sidebar on this page to explore the rents charged by homes similar to yours in the local area.

For a more in-depth analysis, the Costs-To-Rent Calculator in the sidebar allows you to input your costs and determine the rent needed to break even or achieve a specific percentage return on investment. Consider factors such as:

  • Mortgage payment amount.
  • Annual taxes.
  • Repairs and maintenance estimates or historical amounts.
  • Allowance for vacancy periods between tenants.
  • Insurance costs.

Late Rent and Default Procedures

Our actions on your behalf and the corresponding timelines are influenced by state and local laws. Rest assured, we take the best possible action at the earliest allowable time. Late rent penalties are enforced, and any late charges are assessed and collected. In accordance with our rental property management agreement and applicable laws, we initiate eviction procedures for tenants in default on their lease and retain any deposits allowed by law. Our objective is to maximize your return on your rental investment while minimizing instances of non-payment.


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